Check your visibility in the search engine


    Conscious cooperation

    I will advise you and show you the direction to minimize the risk of wrong spending the budget on SEO activities. With the knowledge gained, you will be aware of the cost of next steps.

    The consultation does not oblige you to use my services – you can take next steps yourself or in cooperation with a specialist of your choice.

    Marek Cieślak

    Chief Executive Officer



    Based on my consulting, we can start cooperation with the following services:

    SEO Audit
    A professional document with guidelines prepared on SEO optimization improvements
    Keywords Research
    Search and analyze keywords to get high traffic from organic results(SEO)
    Link building
    Verify your domain's link profile and get valuable links
    Content Copywriting
    Order professionally written texts based on searched keywords

    Online marketing activities

    Website creation services and advertising campaigns on Facebook are additional services. However, massive activities such as: Content Marketing, Link Building, Creating websites with current web standards and advertising on Social Media increases the traffic obtained in the next months.



    I want to trust and exchange experiences that can result in profit in the form of visibility on the web – for you.

    These are mainly conscious companies looking for advice or technical and content support in terms of SEO

    Advice or substantive support is free for you. You will receive an estimated cost that may be waiting for you. So I’ll tell you which direction to go, but you will have to pay for the ticket yourself.

    The cost of services, i.e. SEO Audit or Link Building do not combine. Each service is separate and does not oblige you to use all of them. The cost of a given service depends on the page size.


    Connect with me via the form or by phone. You will receive answers to bothering questions or solutions that will help you with a problem on the site.