Content is important

You don’t even know how much! No text content on the website means your site is missing from the results. Rich content is the basis of search engine visibility. In addition to technical optimization and link acquisition, content is one of the most important factors for SEO.

Substantive content
Rich in knowledge and based on specific sources, arouses more interest from users
SEO Content
The content is enriched with keywords that are necessary to increase the entry of free search results
Non spelling mistakes
Linguistic correct content - without stylistic, grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Create content process

You get in touch with every Coppywriter with whom you will be able to exchange comments. Prepare all the most important information: a brief description, photos and competition names.

Content and locations

Remember to specify where the content on your page should appear. Of course, as part of cooperation, I will offer you the best solutions in this area.

Service subpages
Subpages on which you must describe the details of your client services
Blog Articles
The content of articles differs significantly from other types of content due to the size of the text
Commercial orders
Such as: guest articles, posts on social networks, etc.
Product Descriptions
Very useful when running a store or describing one product on a Landing Page

What next?

If you intend to put content on your website, I can offer you the Keywords Research service, in which before writing the content I will choose the right keywords to support your website’s visibility in search engines.