Start from scratch

This is one of the first steps you need to take to increase website traffic from free search results (Google, Bing etc.). By receiving a document fully tailored to your site, you can begin implementing optimization changes.

Code optimization
Audit department related to technical optimization of the website
Content Optimization
The document department responsible for the content guidelines on your site
Report and analysis
The last section about site acquisition channels and competition

The audit process

All I need to do an audit is your domain. In turn, if you care about detailed analysis, you need access to: Google Analytics, Google Search Console and upload the verification code to Ahrefs.

Ready audit

Having a ready SEO audit, you are ready for the next steps, i.e. technical and content optimization. You can implement these elements yourself or have them specialized.

Technical optimization
Increased site performance and correct visibility for search engine robots
Content Optimization
Appropriate implementation of basic elements: title tags, meta description and H1 headers. etc.
Website analysis
Getting details about your site and its competition will help you increase your activities on other channels
Valuable tips
The audit helps in planning the next activities on the site and allows estimating the costs of their implementation

What next?

The Keyword Analysis service will help you in your next steps.